Smart home solution

n the age of “Interne of Thing” (IoT) as now, the equipment of smart home is in hand of everyone.

By a smartphone or tablet, you can control all electric devices in your home even though you are anywhere.

Our solution use Zigbee technology to control the devices. So, the stability is almost highest.


All devices in home is managed by a gateway which interface / control device through Bluetooth standard. Other side, the gateway interface with controller (smartphone / tablet) through Wifi standard. If the gateway connect to internet, you can control home’s devices at anywhere on the world, through internet network.


By our solution, you don’t worry if the electric stove was off or not, there is any lamp still light on? Or you are laying on the sofa, you still control the lamp of the gate of the garden…

We have an extreme smart version. It’s every wall power socket, every light bulb,… can storage and report the consumption of this device. Whenever you can see from this day to that day, every device or all home had consumed how many accumulation energy (kWh)? On that, you can estimate how much payment in term.

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